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The essay draws attention to some of the enduring moral, political, religious, and intellectual currents inherent in American civil society that will continue to provide both resources for and obstacles to any publicly held bioethic in America, including the role of Catholic thinkers such as St.

He focuses on the Bishops’ adaptation of Catholic social teaching to the American way of life.

The articles explore (in the editor's words) Murray's contribution to the "public debate about the role of religion in public life and the moral foundations of American democracy," and how his thought helped to develop Catholic social teaching, especially as it related to religious liberty.

Our Society Is Overly Materialistic

Thomas More Luncheon, held in conjunction with the Conference of the Association of American Law Schools in San Francisco on Dec.

The essays are divided into four parts: "Understanding the Corporation," "Patterns of Religious Authority in Business Matters: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish," "The Interface Between Corporate and Religious Values," and "The Corporation and Social Responsibility."

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157. Simply using a few examples, let us recall some practical resources which can enrich our preaching and make it more attractive. One of the most important things is to learn how to use images in preaching, how to appeal to imagery. Sometimes examples are used to clarify a certain point, but these examples usually appeal only to the mind; images, on the other hand, help people better to appreciate and accept the message we wish to communicate. An attractive image makes the message seem familiar, close to home, practical and related to everyday life. A successful image can make people savour the message, awaken a desire and move the will towards the Gospel. A good homily, an old teacher once told me, should have “an idea, a sentiment, an image.”

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156. Some people think they can be good preachers because they know what ought to be said, but they pay no attention to howit should be said, that is, the concrete way of constructing a sermon. They complain when people do not listen to or appreciate them, but perhaps they have never taken the trouble to find the proper way of presenting their message. Let us remember that “the obvious importance of the content of evangelization must not overshadow the importance of its ways and means”. Concern for the way we preach is likewise a profoundly spiritual concern. It entails responding to the love of God by putting all our talents and creativity at the service of the mission which he has given us; at the same time, it shows a fine, active love of neighbour by refusing to offer others a product of poor quality. In the Bible, for example, we can find advice on how to prepare a homily so as to best to reach people: “Speak concisely, say much in few words” ( 32:8).

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While different social ethical models emerged in the American Church during this time, the dominant school of thought was the liberal tradition associated with Ryan.

The Oppressed Our society is overly materialistic.

To this end, Matheny examines one of the central tenets on Catholic Social Thought --the priority of labor over capital--and some possible implications for the future of American labor law, and considers the reasons for the declining influence of labor unions in the United States.