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I will do so by outlining that English is my first language and that I have successfully utilized my English language skills during my years of formal education.

Infants begin breaking down language before they are one year old (Swingley, 2000).

I think that the world would be a better place if everybody spoke the same language. I believe this because everybody worldwide would be able to understand each other, and buisiness among every country would be at least understood, if not accepted. An issue with only one language would be determining which one exactly should be universal. However, whichever one is chosen, the problem still stands of rewriting text in history books, every novel ever written, and all signs posted everywhere with text on them (such as a stop sign). Another pressing issue would be everybody learning this language who hasn't already done so from as early as infancy. And would we be absolutely certain that even those on for example an indigenous unknown island in the middle of the ocean where the peoples there have been speaking the same language for thousands of years, and theoretically this civilization decides it is time to explore the vast ocean and find America, They would not be open to adapting our universal language over there own. Perhaps there are even non-fiction civilizations that aren't open to abandoning their ways. Anyways, I, myself still believe that the world would be much simpler if we were all involved in the same dialect. People on the Earth now and in the past have been accidentally killed because of misunderstandings due to differing languages. I noticed this after I just viewed the movie "Saving Private Ryan" in which about 17 minutes in a pair of German soldiers were surrendering to the Americans, but were trying to do so in the harsh sounding language of German. They were executed right then and there. Due to a language barrier (also because those particular Americans were jerks).Anyways, my estemation remains. The world would be better if everybody spoke the same language.

(Sorry about the whole rant there)

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One necessary step is to introduce second language acquisition earlier in the education program.

I think the world would be a better place if there only was one language. All of the currency in the world would be worth the same value, which would make travel transactions and international trade easier. It would be easier to access media on current events happening around the globe because it would be easier to understand and there is no translation required. I also feel there would be less bias in the media because it would be easier to be a critical thinker and detect bias. Most importantly though, there would be no mis-understandings in international affairs due to language barriers. For example a Polish man was travelling to Vancouver and he didn't speak english so he could not understand what the police were wanting him to do and they tazed him to death. The world would "all be on the same page" if we spoke the same language.

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I think the world would be a worse and boring if everyone spoke the same language. The reason I say so is because if everyone spoke the same language then cultures will be lost, there will be no cultural diversity which mean not just the languages will be the same but with time everyone will. You will not be able to connect to you history or heritage. The language your ancestors once spoke will be lost forever thereby cutting you off from one of the things that shape your identity and also from your past. Same language isn't good also because there will be lose of religious diversity, and multicultural foods and music. I am not saying it all bad because it can be positive in the sense of less conflict between people, easier communication and more equal treatment. I just think that the cultural diversity in the world is better than everyone being the same.

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I think that the world would be better if we all spoke one language! I am affirmative on this subject. I think that if everyone in the world spoke the same language everyone around the world could understand one another! It would be way more easier to communicate, more advertising, more trades and negotiations around the world. All websites wouldn't need a translator because it is all in that one language! Same for food companies, it would be a load off of their shoulders because they only have to print one language! There would be more communication around the world in general, there would be no language barriers and you couldn't be racist about the language you spoke because you all speak the same language. If we all had the same cultures with the language there would be no fighting, and inside the culture it would be easier to share ideas and negotiate to meet everyones needs. I think that the world would do better if it ran off of one language.

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i think media has a positive influence on on cultural diversity. this is because everyone can get information from the internet easily. it gives an individual the privilege to learn new things. its helps one to learn more about other peoples culture, believes and languages(Facebook,2go,twitter etc.). if everyone can communicate with one another using Google translate transaction of business would be a lot more easier, transportation around the world would be a lot more easier.
i think that media has a positive influence on cultural diversity because it makes the world a global village