Do I spell out numbers in an APA paper?

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Spelling Numbers Made Easy - Spelling Words Well Our handy chart of numbers and number words make spelling Check out the special tips for troublesome number fun writing, reading and spelling practice When to spell out numbers - English Grammar Home / Style Guide / When to spell out numbers.

Spell out numbers: Spelling out Compound numbers.

Spelling out numbers in writing Spelling out numbers in writing.

Numerals should be used for all larger numbers although the context might determine the precise usage. In technical writing such numbers should always be written using numerals. If the number is less precise, it may be possible to write the number in words.

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Well, it's happening. Telemarketers are using Spoofing to attempt to con people out of their credit card numbers. I've been receiving phone calls from a 92 year old nursing home patient for the last several months named Adele. The call registers as a (208) number, but when you try to call it, the line is disconnected. Here's basically how it goes:

Do you spell out numbers for essays

Who cares if caller id is spoofed or not, I only answer the phone if I know the person who is calling. No one would know to spoof that number. I use Phone Tray Free to send messages and SIT tones to telemarketers and individuals who I don't care talk to.

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"Hello, this is Heather from your credit card company (it never even NAMES "your credit card company," it just says that) and we're offering help to lower your interest rates on your credit card. We have been trying to get into contact with you for a while now, and this is your FINAL CHANCE. To speak with a representative now about lowering your interest rates, please press 1. To discontinue calls about this offer, press 3."

is there a rule of thumb when a number should be spelled out?

...... That's basically how it went. WTF WAS THAT?!?!?! I told my dad what happened, and he tried to call the number on the Caller ID, but as I said, it was disconnected. So, while I struggled to pull myself together - I was shocked, outraged, and felt oddly violated - my dad called the operator, and they traced the number to "T. Myhre," and the town and state. I won't reveal the phone number because as I mentioned, it does belong to an old woman in a nursing home.