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Every week in my class, we are looking at published writing of all types and forms, discussing techniques the different authors used to make the writing stand out. During the time I am introducing the techniques and graphic organizer above, I am using "This I Believe" essays from the NPR website as my "Mentor texts" for discussing quality writing techniques. The NPR website features so many free-to-access essays that your students will find worthy of discussion. I invite you to find your own at the NPR website, but below are the ones I focus on, in case you're interested; you can search the on-line database at the NPR-sponsored website to find essays about quite a few topics/themes, I imagine.

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This superb collection of thought-provoking This I Believe essays, both from the new professional phd essay proofreading sites ca fashion retail cover This I Believe selected essays from the NPR Radio Progra provides very easy access to both This i believe essays audio Saturn Lounge Saturn Lounge .

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This i believe essays I believe npr essay database | Rgraphic I believe npr essay database.

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It doesn't have to be a huge belief.

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The Williams Library is sponsoring an essay contest based on the Use essays on the NPR This I Believe site or the

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NPR maintains an amazing number of written and recorded This I Believe essays online. I have heard from teachers that there are places on the website that ultimately may charge you for actual lessons, but I have never paid for anything. If you stick to the "Explore" and the "Educators" tabs at the site, you'll me more efficient as you look through this amazing online resource/database.