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So, all biblical allusions, word choices, manipulations of sentences, examples and facts make the Foster’s essay interesting and have a big impact on readers. Sometimes his language is too complicated, not understandable, but this is one of the things that make this essay unique, that attracts reader. He uses a lot of metaphors and that is why his style of writing makes readers to think a lot, using their imagination. The topic that is described in “The Wood” is quite simple and understandable, but the way it is presented makes people enjoy reading the essay.

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“My Wood”, is a witty essay describing Forster’s opinion about the possession of a small property he bought with the royalties from his novel. He talks about the effects the wood makes on him. Forster shows a humorously negative attitude to his experience of obtaining land using biblical allusions, the manipulation of sentences and word choice.

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From a linguistic point of view, there are no good or bad varieties of a language. However, there is a social process called ‘language subordination’ whereby some varieties are treated as having less value than others. Explain how this process works in any social situation with which you are familiar; and discuss to what extent language subordination is justifiable.