This ideology can be seen in his play Much Ado about Nothing.

Ugh. Every time we think we can do things succinctly, something foils our plans (we have a lot in common with the characters in Much Ado About Nothing.)

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The unknown author praises the play extravagantly and states in emphatic terms that the play is a witty comedy, adding that "Amongst all" of Shakespeare's comedies, "there is none more witty then this."

Consider now that Troilus and Cressida was written probably within two years of Much Ado About Nothing, which from the beginning has been regarded as one of Shakespeare's wittiest comedies.

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The main plot of Much Ado About Nothing is that of the relationship between Claudio and Hero.

Indeed, the play is about nothing; it follows the relationships of Claudio and Hero (which is constantly hampered by plots to disrupt it), and in the end, the play culminates in the two other main characters falling in love (Beatrice and Bena*censored*), which, because it was an event that was quite predictable, proves to be "much ado about nothing"....

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Much Ado About Nothing is basically big Billy Shakespeare's crowd-pleaser. If we were to compare Shakespeare to (both English, right?), Much Ado would be like the album Sgt. Pepper's.

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The play trips along at a steady (and kind of manic) pace as characters invent and pass on totally misleading information; watching this play is like Much Ado (as the title suggests) is all about how hilarious it is when people make a big hullabaloo about nothing… especially when you're seated comfily in the audience away from the gossip.

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Written by William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing features more than just a romantic comedy play full of symbolisms, figures, and metaphors. Present in the play are the issues of social norms during the playwright’s time, eavesdropping, cycle of betrayal, et. al.
This paper focuses on one of the symbolisms highlighted in the play – the “taming of wild animals.”

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