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Playbill of Broadway Premiere of Mother Courage, 1963, featuring Anne Bancroft [xi]

Although the pinnacle of maturity Holden reached concerned his pessimistic view of the world and Henryís was a unifying moment of bravery, both boys experienced an epiphany over the course of their respective tales....

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Tonya Pinkins in “Mother Courage and Her Children” at Classic Stage Company [xxii]

Mother Courage and her Children premiered in 1941 at the Zürich Schauspielhaus. It’s original production was directed by Leopold Lindtberg, composed by Paul Burkhard, designed by Teo Otto, and starring Therese Giehse. Both critics and audience members admired the production, and felt emotionally tied to Mother Courage’s story. Audiences saw Courage as a strong mother figure fighting to protect her children. They pitied her, while conveniently forgetting her less admirable attributes like greed and hardhearted dedication to business. Brecht, who could not attend this production due to circumstances beyond his control, was displeased that the audience identified with Courage. It was clear to him that this production was perpetuating a wrong understanding of the play. German critic Bernhard Diebold echoed Brecht’s thoughts in Die Tat:

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Due to this
social implication the context of Brecht’s play itself conveyed the
true nature of the war to its extremes and this decision is clearly
apparent in Mother Courage and her Children.

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With its weird language, off-kilter songs (did we mention it's a musical?), and truly abrasive protagonist, Mother Courage makes no excuses for not being your typical war drama. It's hard not to leave Mother Courage with an image of war as an ultimately meaningless venture, in which no one ever wins. But in the end, that's why Mother Courage is one of the best anti-war plays we can think of. And let's face it: war is not exactly a minor character in our lives.

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The play Mother
Courage and her Children was Brecht putting his ideas into practice as
the whole play involves alienation and concentration on the political
message being portrayed.

Free The Red Badge of Courage papers, essays, and research papers.

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