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Other Rhetorical Strategies Allusion Michelle Obama alludes to advancements in technology and major moments in history when she says, "if they could raise beams of steel to the sky, send a man to the moon, and connect the world with the touch of a button".

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"She is very much the Chicago ideologue. is the far left of the Democrat Party, right? Well, Michelle Obama might be to the left of Nancy Pelosi. She really doesn’t care for how things work in the country and she wants to see it all changed. I can respect that, though I would guess she is far too liberal even for me – and I consider myself a liberal Democrat."

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On 20 January 2009, at the foot of the Capitol, her husband took an oath on the Bible. At that time, Barack Obama became the president, and Michel – the first lady. More than two million people were present in Washington to attend the ceremony.

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Michelle Obama met Barack Obama, when they both worked in the law firm. They were married on 3 October 1992, but both choose to stay in Chicago, rather than go to Washington. Their first daughter, Malia, was born July 4, 1998 and their second daughter, Natasha (known as Sasha) on 7 June 2001.

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Michelle Obama, née Robinson, was born 17 January 1964 in Chicago and is an American lawyer. Besides that, she is the wife of Barack Obama, a lawyer then became a senator from Illinois and 44th President of the United States, elected in the 2008 presidential elections and re-elected in 2012. Michelle Robinson was born and raised in Chicago, in the district of South Shore, in one of the community areas of the city. She has an older brother, Craig, coach of basketball at the University of Oregon, he coaches the Oregon State Beavers team.

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