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The case answer examines newfound Supernova process, by the Indianapolis, that would upgrade the client involvement in retail-financier. Supernova is another method for overseeing customer relationship, through which profitability of each Financial Advisor can be boosted. Amid its beginning pilot test, it indicated exceptionally significant results that by executing Supernova prepare, the consumer loyalty expanded, and operational productivity moved forward. The case likewise talked about the difficulties confronted amid the pilot prepare and advocates the execution arrangement in general association. It additionally talks about the sensational ascent in client desires subsequent to encountering craved client administration. At last, it talks about the path forward for the execution of Supernova procedure, and a suggestion plan to kill predictable difficulties confronted by Merrill Lynch in taking off Supernova.

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In a 2004 trial, a jury found these four Merrill executives guilty of participating in a fraudulent scheme. The former Merrill managers appealed the verdicts, and amazingly the Fifth Circuit tossed them out. The appellate court held that those bankers provided "honest services" and that they did not personally profit from the deal.

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IBM was about to be prosecuted for anti-trust violations as a monopoly ("Big Blue") when prosecutors realized that it was in some danger of being bankrupted by new businesses in computers.

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The unsuccessful business, not providing anything relatively preferable to the other options available to the public, goes bankrupt and removes itself from the competition, also in the process freeing the capital and the labor that it had tied up in a relatively unproductive fashion.

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(84 and 85 with regard to tarp and stimulus Thomas Sowell the housing boom and bust) In 2008 ( ) large Investment banks, insurance companies and (holding companies) cuhs as Aig, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch suffered substantial loss from the subprime mortgage market corporat...

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Case Analysis: Bank of America’s Acquisition of Merrill Lynch
Read the case, “Bank of America’s Acquisition of Merrill Lynch” on page 702-718. Use the case analysis format provided below to address to identify the problems and provide several suggested solutions that the Bank of America executive team can review for possible implementation.

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This case revolves around creation of Supernova which leads to customer experience. It provided objectives to financial advisors for gathering more clientele. “Supernova” is totally customer focused business process. It has not only brought Merrill Lynch to new level of success but also moved the organization’s value system from selling of a product to consultation services. The company was able to move from Adequate service expectation to Desired service expectation and thus “Supernova” helped Merrill Lynch climb the new ladder of success. This concept was a success at Merrill Lynch due to its new approach for handling clients and advisors at the same time.