Knights failed in the oath of chivalry.

A lot of history analysts saw this, “as a code of moral behavior of upper-class men that showed ‘their romantic ideas of justice; their passion for adventures; their eagerness to run succour of the distressed and the pride they...

To have chivalric deeds a person had to commit to these set of codes.

– In this poem, the unknown author uses courtliness and chivalry to reveal the differences between romance and reality, as Gawain’s quest hinges upon the ability of the knight to live up to the ideal.

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In the most basic terms, the code of chivalry are guidelines for qualified knights.

All it takes is a little consideration to recognize where the rules of chivalry and courtesy lead (both men and women) in the world of romance in 2014, without taking a side trip to the Victorian era.

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Detailed photographs trace the origins, heyday, and eventual decline of knighthood, chivalry, and the feudal system. Discover how armor was made, how men became knights, and what life in a medieval castle was like. "Great for reluctant readers."-- School Library Journal.

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Chivalry does not mean someone else has to accept your lack of basic manners — this is the fine line, and you may only have yourself to blame if you choose to cross it.

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Though values bear merit, “The Lay of the Nibelungs” teaches that true worth and longevity comes from assessing the situation and applying intellect to the code, from submitting to God, and from not cheating the system (the laws and cultural norms of the time that be)....

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By the time that knighthood had evolved into a title of nobility, rather than beingequestrian warriors, chivalry had been adapted to courtly behavior, as a form of proper and dignified behaviour amongst peers.

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This moment marks the culmination of years of trial and toil for Aragorn as he strived to regain his kingship; yet, throughout his existence, he remained the epitome of the chivalric hero and maintained his kingly qualities in secrecy.

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No, this isn’t an article about the zombie apocalypse and the code of chivalry. But with so many people proclaiming – frequently and definitively – the death of chivalry, it does seem like talking about chivalry in real, practical terms is a bit like trying to resurrect the dead