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Most students wouldn’t think of Philadelphia as a way to gain international exposure, but spending time on that campus certainly helped me achieve my goal of gaining more perspectives. Later in my second year, I returned to the Philadelphia campus for an entire semester. This may not be feasible for many EMBA students because of work schedules or other commitments, but I run my own consulting business and was able to take time off from my client engagements. I attended classes with our East Coast EMBA cohort. (My schedule allowed me to attend a few full-time MBA classes too.) I did this to expand my network and gain more viewpoints, but also because it was a cool opportunity to experience life as a student on an Ivy-League campus. Being in Philadelphia also enabled me to spend more time with my “sailor” friends from Tall Ships Leadership Venture and participate in activities like the Wharton Business Radio show on SiriusXM.

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The best way to learn about Fuqua and the Daytime MBA program is by experiencing it firsthand. We encourage you to take part in our campus visit program and Blue Devil Weekend (for admitted students). Visiting campus will not only provide insight to inform your final decision to join the program, but will also provide you with information on transitioning to the Durham area.

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We are unable to evaluate a candidate's competitiveness or determine eligibility in advance of submitting a formal application. Each applicant's professional experience is reviewed along with academic aptitude, GMAT/GRE examination results, TOEFL examination results (if applicable), and letters of recommendation. Generally speaking, most of the current MBA students have two or more years of full-time professional experience following the completion of their undergraduate degree.