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Dante then adds in his Divine Comedy that God has instilled a certain predetermined capacity of goodness in each human being as He wills, which should be utilized fully during life (Paradise 3:84).

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Sin, every slightest movement of consent in the will contrary to the glory of God, whether or not externally expressed, clouds the transparency of the soul. Each "cloud" has to be cast out, evaporated, to restore transparency. This is effectuated by the co-operation of our free-will with the virtues. The "voids" created by the practised virtues are precisely this "transparency" through which the Divine Light inheres and thereby divinises us. Such divinisation is open to all, and only sincere repentance is needed to open the floodgates to grace for the journey to begin.

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When a person is divinised, do they experience it consciously? Yes. This is the difference between divine life given at Baptism and Mystical Marriage. Poulain in his voluminous work "The Graces of Interior Prayer", writes,

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A Christian’s motivational spiritual gift represents what God does in him to shape his perspective on life and motivate his words and actions. Romans 12:3–8 describes “basic motivations,” which are characterized by inherent qualities or abilities within a believer—the Creator’s unique workmanship in him or her.

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As you view the art above and read the art review below by Integral Life Aesthetics Editor Michael Schwartz, take notice of four primary lenses made available by integral aesthetics: the subjective/intentional space of the artist himself; the materials, medium, form and structure of the art work itself; the historical, economic and social structure in which the art work is created; and the cultural, linguistic and intersubjective values space in which the artist works and/or seeks to express.

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Each person’s behavior will vary according to factors such as temperament, background, age, gender, culture, and circumstances. However, it is not unusual for individuals who share the same motivational gift to demonstrate common characteristics. Below are some general characteristics that are typically exhibited by those who have the motivational gift of mercy.

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A mercy-giver’s basic motivational drive is to sense and respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of others. Those with the mercy motivational gift have a divine ability to sense hurt and respond to it with love and understanding.