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In the letter from Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King initiates a response to the clergymen’s public statement in which he justifies his actions and garners support for the Civil Rights Movement.

writes the Clergymen that have written him a letter disputing his actions in Birmingham.

In his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” King speaks to a specific audience: the African Americans, and discusses why he feels they should bring an end to segregation.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter From a Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter From a Birmingham Jail Essay

While his letter more than aptly provides a functional defense of his actions at Birmingham, it serves more so as a counter-critical rebuttal that both repudiates criticisms of his deeds, and criticizes the reasoning behind said criticisms.

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King went to Birmingham because he was called by affiliates from the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights contacted him in aiding them on a nonviolent direct action program.

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In the famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” King responds to a public statement made by eight white clergymen while he was arrested for engaging in violent public demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama.

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King’s portrayal of himself and his fellow African American in Birmingham as victims of a broken promise serves to win empathy from the audience as their hopes and efforts have been cruelly blasted.

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Overall, “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” is one the best written argumentative pieces. It’s a piece full of history but most importantly is a piece where we can witness how Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. approaches his problems and how well it worked.

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King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" was a profound and persuasive written argument which captured the emotions of many people encompassing rigid life experiences, educated observances, and deeply rooted spiritual beliefs....

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King emphasis to his audience to view things from his perspective.
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In the letter, the author compares himself to the Apostle Paul, who also carried the gospel message
“beyond his own town”(king 1)