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Edmund, Goneril, and Regan, right to the times of their deaths, are living the spoils of what they have gained through their treachery.
In the themes of King Lear, Shakespeare shows us what happens when the fine balance of parental bond is cut.

As I looked through the book I found dozens of examples of parent and sibling relationships....

When the book came out, I got many fascinating letters about how children see more than adults. A store detective described how he would perch on an upper balcony surveying the shop floor. The grown-ups, including the shoplifters, were so focused on what they were doing that they never noticed him. But the little children, trailing behind their oblivious parents, would glance up and wave.

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The expectations of family are what is the root of the theme of King Lear.

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It's often said that the Romantics invented childhood, as if children had merely been small adults before. But scientifically speaking, Wordsworth discovered childhood—he saw children more clearly than others had. Where did this insight come from? Mere recollection can't explain it. After all, generations of poets and philosophers had recollected early childhood and seen only confusion and limitation.