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He dropped his doctoral studies to work on integrating modern discoveries in archaeology, anthropology, art history, psychology, and literature into a comprehensive theory of the origins, functions, and meanings of world mythological themes.For five years during the Great Depression of the 1930s Campbell lived a bohemian life between Woodstock, New York, and Carmel, California; sailed up the Alaskan coast; and read German philosophy.

Who is Joseph Campbell, and why is he important? Can you briefly explain the Hero’s Journey?

In 2011, Campbell wrote , a survey of the dazzling number of "problems, arguments, and theories" about free will that now comprise "free will skepticism," the claim that no one has free will.

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#4: What does Professor Campbell mean by slaying one’s own dragon? How does this effect the world?

This idea is not exactly clear in the beginning of the work, and the initial chapters about the Pharaohs start with a jerk, leaving some readers wondering "Why start here, so far west?" The idea is stated more and more explicitly as the book progresses, so that by the time we reach the Chinese section, Campbell writes about the "primacy of the West-to-East cultural flow". Later in the same section, Campbell writes "the question of the impact of sentiments and ideas carried from one domain to another, which is basic to our study, is ...well illustrated by the annals of the settlement of Buddhism in China..." Is there really enough evidence to support the idea of a single common mythology that spread from West to East? Is this theory accepted by modern specialists in mythology? A reader who comes to this book independently of a class or other mythology background can only speculate on these questions.

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In a sensible analysis of of premise 2 (and 2') Campbell says:

Determinism entails that every act is determined by prior causes.

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Campbell says that his provisional view could cover both the "classical view," i.e., that free will requires the ability to , and the "source view," that the agent need only be the "adequate" or perhaps the "ultimate" of the action traceable back in the "." He presents the as what he calls the "free will dilemma."Campbell calls premise 1 in this simple logical argument against free will "the problem of free will and determinism."He calls premise 2 "the problem of luck." And he later revises it as premise 2' - Indeterminism cannot help." This he defends following 's attack on indeterminism as making our actions random.

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This is so, but Campbell does not clearly define the major difference betweeen "libertarian free will" and "compatibilist free will." the latter being the determinist position that as long as our actions are not externally coerced or compelled then we have .

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Campbell's three main groups still include libertarianism (which he does not explore deeply) and compatibilism, but he replaces moral nihilism with free will skepticism (p.