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Determine if others will be present: A trained officer (preferably a woman, although this may vary depending on the context) should conduct the interview. With agreement from the survivor, the interviewing officer may be accompanied by an additional officer and support person for the woman or girl.

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The type of interview structure that will be implemented for this proposed research will be a qualitative data-gathering strategy through surveys and field research. The surveys will administered as an anonymous predetermined set of questions used to weigh the factors that affect police job satisfaction the most. The survey will be between ten to fifteen questions, short enough to not lose the interest of the participant. By implementing it anonymously, there is a greater likelihood of honestly and more accurate outcomes. The second form of interview structure will be field research. The research will be broken down into three different participation groups, education, organizational culture, and societal support. The research will be based on performance, complaints, and violations to name a few, for each of the three variables. For example, in Precinct One, there are five police officers who have obtained Master Level education, how does their field performance reflect their job satisfaction? Is there a signification correlation between a police officers education and their performance when they are in the field? This example of field surveying will be used for all three variables of education, organizational culture, and societal support.

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Choose an appropriate location: When possible, the survivor should decide whether she is comfortable speaking in the police facility, or would prefer being another location (such as her home-if safe, a hospital, crisis centre or other support facility). For interviews in police facilities, a private space away from the perpetrator should be used. An interrogation room should not be used, since the woman or girl is the victim.

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Sexual Assault Guidelines, Sexual Assault Incident Reports Investigative Strategies (International Association of Chiefs of Police, 2005). The guidelines and interview strategies are based upon best practices in the United States regarding sexual assault incident investigations and were developed in collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, medical, and forensic professionals. The guidelines aim to support officers and departments in preparing sexual assault cases for successful prosecution through detailed case documentation and thorough investigations, covering: standardized case coding and clearance; report writing; victim interview; suspect interrogation; investigation; and working with vulnerable populations. Available in .