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I wanted to diverge away from the traditions of vampirism, and do something different with them’’
Sand’ vampires aren’t the only ones to veer off the idea of the traditional vampire.

Apart from the reference to blood, there is nothing long established with these vampires.

Starting with undertones in the 18th century with Polidori and Byrons’ relationship to Carmilla finally leading to the 20th century relationships in Interview with the Vampire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

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He redeemed the Theatre of the Vampires scene I think, with his sheer authority.

Throughout the novel there are many references to Christianity, particularly that of the Rosemary and crucifix Harper is presented with in chapter 1, that of which saves his life when Dracula attacks him later on in the novel, Symbolising the weakness of the vampire when around religious objects.

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"He sucked their blood, he threw their flesh… cut off their lips, and put their heads window" vampires played with girls, and they kept them until dark only to kill them which shows another example of the evilness of vampires (Murgoci 342).

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Set in New Orleans in 1791 it tells the story of the vampires Louis, Lestat and there newly turned ‘Daughter’ Claudia along with there expedition to Eastern Europe to track down others like themselves, it divulges into the relationship between both Louis and Lestat, and Louis’s struggle with the acceptance of himself.

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“Interview with the Vampire” was a well-written book and a well developed movie after reading the book and the watching the movie I found the movie much more entertaining then reading the book....

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We see for the first time the vampire gain emotion. Before Rice the vampire was considered a terrifying monster with no feelings or respect for others, Rice gave them there emotions back, Louis’s struggle to kill other humans in order to survive reflected this.

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When I asked Lara Adrian author of the ‘Midnight Breed’ series what inspired her to write such a sexual novel she replied ‘i used to write medieval romance, so I wanted to think of my vampires as heroes, dark knights really, dark with fangs!

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By looking not only at the literary texts I intend to explore the topic of vampire literature and its influences more broadly, thus allowing a clear and precise analysation of the question

Today’s modern day vampire is probably considered one of the most notorious and iconic figures all over the world and with the steady stream of vampire novels, films and television shows being produced it is fair to say that the vampire has become the dark horse of literature, becoming every enthusiasts dream. Yet this wasn’t always the case.