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If the likelihood of being killed by a terrorist is too high for you, I don't know what you can do. Certainly you can't get in a car to go anywhere, but household accidents kill more people than terrorists. You could try catatonia, but do you know how many people die in hospitals in ways that can be prevented?

The soldier and Szpilman are seen to be quite near to each other in the middle of the frame....

I vow to fight them with the weapon of superior principles: truth, liberty for all, justice for all, freedom of religion for all, freedom of speech for all, freedom of dissent for all, freedom of privacy for all, freedom to vote for all, and a government that responds to the people.

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“She might be marrying into a family that could cause her some emotional complications.”

First, war by its very nature creates innocent victims. A war waged against terrorists is even more likely to claim innocent victims because terrorists tend to keep their whereabouts hidden. The deaths, injuries and humiliation of civilians generate rage and resentment among their families and communities that in turn serves to build support for terrorists.

He described theater as being the backbone to acting.

'Irrelevant personal jibes aside, you should do research before speaking. You've assumed a definition of "anarchist" that implies a subscriber to "anarchism" instead of the broader definition that includes anyone who seeks to spread/cause anarchy.'

I would say there are 3 purposes to the essay: 1.

... Or maybe Al Quaeda's cave-dwelling alchemists have trumped every major military lab in the world to create a proprietray blend of lime-flavored explosives out of Gatorade.

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I will make this clear again: You can not be a violent anarchist, because it's anti-thetical. What you are attempting to do is akin to calling a serial killer, a pacifist, and then claiming that pacifists are anti-social.

I found it to be very informative.

"Thank you. I'm all for security, but when baby formula, basic toiletries and cell phones start being banned from flights, I get nervous about our security infrastructure as a whole."

If you want to dress "shockingly" ...

It reminds me of those kids in the nineties who were being expelled from elementary schools for bringing "weapons" (microscopic plastic "guns" for their GI-Joe action figures) to school. There's a fine line between common sense and stupidity... and we're no way near it anymore.

I yearned to be a singer/dancer; ...

Perhaps treating people more as citizens rather than subjects and expecing a majority to "deal with a problem" might be more helpful? Issue Bowie knives to every adult passenger?