They’re not just someone you like, they’re someone you love.

This relationship, however, fails to fulfill many requirements that would make it a true love story, and thus, while some hardship is to be expected, this relationship encounters an excessive amount....

Regardless of the kind of love, it is still powerful and emotionally linked....

It can help in business, too. Business Strategist Marie Forleo says the love languages concept is her . As a leader, she finds out how each person on her team feels appreciated, and she can then motivate them accordingly.

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Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has a second chance at the love of his life.

After continuous observations I came to the thought that most people see love as the essential component of their social image, like the car or the higher education. Thus they do their best for to acquire this component and add it to the number of components he/she already possesses. Most people don’t realize that relationship should be built throughout the whole life, and that love isn’t like the house bought. Love has to be developed and kept alive; it requires everyday care and attention, it should be supported, as a fire in a fireplace.

As I look into your eyes I see how much you love me.

Love languages can’t fix everything, of course. They’re not going to solve your joint money problems, for example. They’re not going to make your in-laws more tolerable or get your partner to help out more around the house. But the concept does go a long way in communicating better, and we all know how much that matters in a relationship.

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Chapman even wrote a follow-up book specifically aimed at the workplace: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. They’re pretty much the same, but his explainers are translated for professional relationships rather than romantic ones. However, you can probably translate pretty easily on your own by simply taking a look at their behavior and how they respond to things.

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It’s worth noting that your love language might vary depending on the person, too. My brother might speak a different language in a romantic relationship than he does with family. And while I need quality time with my partner and family, I don’t necessarily need quality time with friends to feel like they care or vice versa.

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