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These are some of the reasons of how my mother has impacted my life and I also said that she has made an impact in society because my mother has also taught me that one person in the future. By being a veterinarian it will give other the hope and desire by saying it I can do it so can you. All at this has come from one special person who has given me love and support since the day I was born.

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My risk for developing melanoma (like my father) is astronomically high given the familial skin, breast and pancreatic cancers that run in my family. Now, my boys are 15, 13 and 11, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about having to say goodbye to them. I share my skin cancer story with anyone who will listen. I share my story with the students in the 7th grade where I am a classroom assistant. When the science unit on the atmosphere comes around every year, I want them to see and understand the effects of the sun; I want them to know that the sun is as evil as it is wonderful; I want them to understand that sunscreen has a permanent role in their life. And I "preach" the religion of moderate sun exposure when I can. For example, when I was in Sears Optical Department, I overheard an older teenager telling his father he's never worn sunglasses. I kindly interrupted the father/son conversation and chimed in with my story. If I can prevent another 18-year old from making my mistakes, it is my responsibility to do so.

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i looooove my mother so much i never express that how much love i do with her she is the only one in this world who can understand me and deals with me nicely may ALLAH give her all the happiness in her life she lives long AMEEN