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There is evident bullying of homosexuals in the school system; however, there is also a lack of acknowledgement of the triumphs within the homosexual population, failing to accurately portray historical events.

There is major controversy surrounding the psychology of homosexual individuals.

Good on you man. You say you don't want to be gay anymore, don't be. Look up all the EX GAY testimonies on the web these days. It IS POSSIBLE. Why is it possible? Because anything is possible through the Lord. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND. Also, There is NO SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION for homosexual behaviour, yet people insist on telling YOU that YOU can't change who YOU are because YOU were born like that. Bullocks I say. Forget that lie. I wasn't born with pride, I became proud. I wasn't born selfish, I became selfish. I wasn't just BORN with everything I am now. I have grown, learnt and developed everything I am now. I chose who I am now. I AM WHO I WANT TO BE, IT'S THAT SIMPLE . I just might not always know how to get there.

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I am very interested in this ''choice'' correspondence. I am 76 years old and, up to now unhappily gay. My religion, won't let me practice sex without going to hell. My heterosexal brother, who I like, hates me, and I've been 3 times hospitalised and nearly died through gay muggings. I'm verbally abused by 'proper' heterosexual men in the street when I go out. I OBVIOUSLY MADE THE WRONG 'CHOICE'. I now realise. So five minutes ago I sensibly decided to become heterosexual. I was serious and used all my will-power, as one must in any life-changing choice. The gay life I've been living had been a nightmare most of the time. So I've made a new and healthy CHOICE. I immediately looked at some straight porn. Alas, I still madly fancied the men in it, but, perversely. the beautful women turned me off completely! Ithen looked at solo female porn stars with the most beautiful figures, but - still - NOTHING AT ALL! But I do still want to see men. At least, I'VE MADE THE CHOICE. A real one. BUT HOW LONG BEFORE IT KICKS IN? A day? A week? Will some sensible person who's turned their self-chosen sexual orientation around advise me please.

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who one is attracted to is not choice. why would someone choose to subject themselves to bigots like yourself? why would someone choose to be a second class citizen if they can just pick their sexuality, if thats the case why dont you try being gay, i mean its a choice so you can make that choice right? you know you and everyone here should really do some research and learn to look at the world outside of your own close-minded morals. its pretty pathetic that your so poorly educated that you cant understand sexuality. i hope you understand by just having view points like that, many people will genuinely look down on you. and if you cant see that, then its obvious that you surround yourself with similarly uneducated people. but what can you do? your as dumb as your bigot parents who raised you to be ignorant. you will completely write off what i say but i at least hope you take the time to actually think about why you think homosexuality is an inferior sexuality. sexuality is sexuality and its different from person to person. i guess i dont understand why you would think so negatively about other peoples sexual interest. i guess you will never see it different until you stop putting such an importance on sexuality and seeing sexuality as black and white. it rarely defines a person and if it does its perpetuated by the stereotypes of our society and it happens because a person isnt given and environment that is condusive to there inner self.

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alright cool you've tried to dodge flak by seperating yourself from the ignorant hate mongering you just unleashed and then try to bring it back to people telling you different. what did you just do?? your a hypocrite you just tried to convience everyone here that heterosexuality is the superior sexuality and that homosexuality is a choice. so lets break down your points a bit.