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No one thought it wrong that young Spartan girls should go naked in public dances and processions.

The Studio Art Core serves as the backbone of the Studio Art BFA and Interdisciplinary Art & Design AB degrees. Built upon core principles necessary for all studio art practices, it creates a shared culture of dialogue and interdisciplinary practice across all areas and studio practices within the School.

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Why should we assume this, when we don’t even know why this art was created, much less by whom.

Majors take a wide variety of courses; participate in the verbal worlds of other times and places; draw on a full range of linguistic tools, historical knowledge, and interpretive experience; and enhance appreciation for expressive possibility through a sophisticated and practical grasp of the central role that language plays in the preservation of human institutions.

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: Art activity is not the dominant means of communication and organizing of thought processes therefore it lacks some of the habituated defenses associated with verbalization. As creatures of a left brain culture many of our defenses are expressions of rational left brain activity. Art activity, however, bypasses some of these cognitively driven psychological inhibitors.

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Harriet Wadeson (1980) in Art Psychotherapy lists six major dynamics which are at play in the healing process of art therapy. These are: imagery; decreased defenses; objectification; permanence spatial matrix; creative and physical energy. The following summarizes Wadeson on these points (Wadeson, 1980, pp. 8-12):

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Unlike the verbal content of therapy which can be forgotten, or, at least, the detail of discussion blurred with time, productions of therapeutic art will retain their chronicle of the therapeutic work. The therapeutic content in the art can be returned to later for further processing. In addition, as the layers of healing are peeled away, the initial unconscious elements of the art work can begin to have greater conscious meaning and therapeutic significance.

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Art productions are not confined by the linear restrictions of language, time, relationship in space and the rational logic of order. As such, art process and images may better represent the human experience, particularly in areas where linear words are insufficient.