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The quality in such plays that does shake us, however, derives from the underlying fear of being displaced,the disaster inherent in being torn away from our chosen image of what or who we are in this world. Among us todaythis fear is as strong, and perhaps stronger, than it ever was. In fact, it is the common man who knows this fearbest.

The hero in Anglo-Saxon culture and literature is best defined as an honorable warrior.

Even though heroes and villains might be seen differently through the eyes of individual people, we all know that not all heroes and villains are recognized for their actions.

In addition, heroic acts have many different purposes in our society.

Huckleberry Finn, Daisy Miller, and Sister Carrie are three heroes from three different novels....

The unity of action presupposes that everything done by all the characters, all the deeds of the hero, and all the events described in the play aim at achieving the ultimate goal of the tragedian. The unity of time and the unity of space were a necessity. All the action had to take place in 24 hours and in the same place. This was due to the fact that it was rather hard to stage a longer action or to switch the scenery. However, these requirements became an obligatory part of any tragedy. A lot of researchers state that the rule of three unities played one of the crucial parts in creating the best tragic heroes examples. Later, the rule was adopted in classicism, which is no surprise, as the writers of 17-19 centuries found great inspiration in ancient literature. It is curious that the rule of three unities was also applied to romanticism. Even short stories of that period featured the unity of space and time, not to mention drama. Edgar Poe gave us prototypes for characters of every contemporary genre, basing his narrations on, among others, this rule. The list of tragic heroes was considerably expanded in the periods when the rule of three unities was the dominating one.

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The study of the nature and cause of this change, then, is critical to the understanding of what, ultimately, is the essence of a hero.

Epic literature is a stately, solemn celebration of national life in the
heroic age.

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The word hero is known to almost all people that know English including young children even some who English is not a first language. In addition, if one was told to give examples of a hero, the list could be big enough ranging from people we envy to those we feel or think they are heroes. However, if you would ask people to define the word, there are very few who would give the right meaning. Many people define a role model or person they think is a hero out of their occupations. As a kid, my heroes were movie stars that took the daring acts that no body else could do, as well as characters in stories that did what ordinary people could not do and people whom I envied probably because of what they are and what they do. However, a person does not become a hero because of their occupation or what they do that we envy. Rather, a hero in general terms is a person who takes a bold step or achievement that requires courage, bravery and a kind heart to do it, and normally done for others (Goins, 2012).

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The miraculous surprises the chivalric knight very little—whether it be a castle appearing out of nowhere in response to a prayer, or a knight who survives beheading.
The circumstances that lead to the exaltation of the chivalric hero, such as Sir Gawain, for example, differ drastically from those of the epic hero.