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But Shelley's take on the death drive is a lot less hopeful than Sophocles's. There is nothing freeing about Victor Frankenstein's obedience to the impulse toward revenge. This impulse turns him into a slave, not a master.

166-67) as yet anotherexample of English romantic irony, of that revolutionaryconception of a universe that is not created by divine fiat butis rather in constant process, merrily multiplying itself out ofan abundant chaos or what Friedrich Schlegel called the.Mary Shelley was introduced to Darwin's thought both by herfather and later by her husband, who had been heavily influencedby Darwin's evolutionary theories while writing "." Percy Shelleyfirst read in July , and in December he orderedDarwin's and fromthe booksellers Hookham and Hickman. The extensive impact of Darwin'sevolutionary and agricultural theories, as well as of {}his poetic language, on Percy Shelley's to "Queen Mab" and onsuch poems as "The Sensitive Plant," and has beenwell documented. It is clear that Darwin's workremained vivid in Percy Shelley's mind throughout the period inwhich Mary Shelley was writing Frankenstein, as his prefatorycomment to the novel testifies.

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How did she handle the theme of motherhood?
Hint: Develop a thesis that answers a question like this one: “How and how well does Mary
Shelley incorporate responses to feminist issues into the novel, Frankenstein?”

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Frankenstein How is Safie a feminist character?

"Project MUSE - The Monster in a Dark Room: Frankenstein, Feminism, and Philosophy." Project MUSE - The Monster in a Dark Room: Frankenstein, Feminism, and Philosophy.

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Frankenstein shows a great example of how continued rejection from ones family or peers can cause one to revert from a virtuous being into a murderer or cause one to become suicidal.

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And on the forehead of the spirit sleeping within this"sphere within sphere" is a "star" (or negative electrode) thatshoots "swords of azure fire" (the blue flames of electricaldischarges) or

Vast beams like spokes of some invisible wheel
Which whirl as the orb whirls, swifter than thought,
Filling the abyss with sun-like lightnings,
And perpendicular now, and now transverse,
Pierce the dark soil, and as they pierce and pass,
Make bare the secrets of the Earth's deep heart.
When Victor Frankenstein steals the spark of being, then, he isliterally stealing Jupiter's lightning bolt, as BenjaminFranklin had proved.