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Analyses based on medical records often underestimate the rates of FAS and alcohol-related effects compared with more aggressive case-finding approaches that include examinations of people living in the community (May and Gossage 2001; Stratton et al.

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Not all women who drink heavily during pregnancy have babies with FAS; the syndrome is correlated with poverty, race/ethnicity, advanced maternal age, and high number of children. Researchers have hypothesized that factors such as nutritional status, exposure to environmental toxins, smoking, and stress may exacerbate the adverse effects of alcohol. Despite widespread public belief that any alcohol exposure during pregnancy is dangerous, there is considerable uncertainty about the exact etiology of FAS. Binge drinking (the consumption of five or more drinks in a single episode) is highly correlated with FAS.

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In this study, Kaskutas (2000) found that although the women were frequently exposed to warning messages, they were uncertain about the impact of FAS.

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