research papers discuss the themes and ideas in Ethan Frome.

You might never read another book quite like this one. Edith Wharton performed a boldly original literary experiment when she wrote Ethan Frome. This novella is unusual, from voice to punctuation to structure to the story itself. But once you get into it you will find yourself captured – like the characters – between Starkfield's natural beauty and its serious creepiness.

Love triangles are nothing new, but Wharton presents this timeless topic with an eerie twist in Ethan Frome. Think 's (where things come back from the dead altered, yet gruesomely recognizable) meets 's (where characters are marked physically by their infidelities).

So we challenge you: give Ethan Frome a chance and then tell us if you've ever read a love story like this before.

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The setting of the novella by , Ethan Frome, that of the harsh New England winter, not only provides the backdrop of the story but also adds depth to the characters and provides a glimpse into their reasoning. Throughout the book, the village is described with words like the following:

Write an essay that explores the nature of Ethan Frome„s tragedy.

- Wharton’s novel Ethan Frome, although brief, embodies its themes effectively.

I will discuss the following problems, explaining how they relate to each character and what makes them pertinent to the theme of ‘prisoners’ in the novel: the Fromes’ lack of money; Zeena’s sickness and how she uses it to pressure Ethan; Starkfield and the landscape and its surroundings; Ethan’s difficulties in communicating; and finally his marriage with Zeena and his love for Mattie, which represent a constraint for Ethan as well.

Money is probably the biggest physical constraint (not to mention the psychological ones, yet).