"The Forgotten Man" By William Graham Sumner

A state may acquire property or domain in various ways; its title may be acquired originally by mere occupancy, and confirmed by the presumption arising from the lapse of time [prescription]; or by discovery and lawful possession; or by conquest, confirmed by treaty or tacit consent; or by grant, cession, purchase, or exchange; in fine, by any of the recognized modes by which private property is acquired by individuals.

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A book of experimental text materials by the 1954 Summer Writing Group of the Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas: ([Ann Arbor, Mich.] Committee on the Undergraduate Program, Mathematical Association of America, [1958, c1954]), by Summer Writing Group of the Department of Mathematics (1954 : University of Kansas), William Larkin Duren, and Mathematical Association of America.

Excerpt from William Graham Sumner The absurd effort to …

Herbert Spencer and William Graham Sumner - Social Darwinism is term ..

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