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Oh please 3/4 of the women who hit are simply self defending in response to men hitting first. Are you saying that women are not allowed to defend themselves? And what about the size and strength differences? Muhammed Ali would never be allowed to fight a bantam weight without being arrested. And they’ve found that men are more like to press charges against their victims than vice versa (poor babies). And if it’s so bad for the men then why aren’t they advocating against male batterers since they know how horrible and painful being beat up is? Maybe men would listen to other men.

Have you ever wondered why some women still stay in the relationship with men who abuse them

What the hell are you even talking about again? Huh? 21 000 comments over a long time. Years in fact. It’s no skin off my teeth.I interact with a lot of people here and off of here. What of them? You just exposed yourself as another MRA, what a big surprise. Suddenly we go from your astonshing expertise of women who frequent bars to now your intolerance for Feminism, for your entire 48 years of existence. Lol. Wow of course anti-feminism is what brought you here and the wacko’s of men’s rights. If not what is someone like you even doing on the net? You know, a guy who is living it up in the real world while us losers languish in the fictional one. You’re just so much better. For however many men get abused in relationships there are probably 5000 times more women and even more that don’t get reported. It always amazes me that so many men hate women, think that they are all cheating liars, demons out to get them. And yet these morons still get involved. Why is that?

Why Women Still Stay in Abusive Relationship. - …

ever wondered why some women still stay in the relationship with men who abuse them?

And why in the hell would you ever side with men on anything? I’m a man and I don’t. You expect me to take domestic abuse against men seriously when men are the ones demeaning other men, when they are the total of mass shooters. When they are the people who incite war and vote accordingly. When the security apparatus is installed by men. When they are the serial killers and pedophiles. When they commit massacres worldwide. When they worship violence in every facet of their existence? Men are your problem. Why is it if you want balance you aren’t siding with feminists then instead. If a man punched me in the face and then another, followed by yet another I wouldn’t start screaming at women that they are to blame. Statistically you have more to worry about from another man than anything not women. Hell you don’t even have to get into a relationship and can stay home.