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This guide provides a detailed overview of transgenic crops and genetically engineered crops, with specific attention to the potential impacts on consumers and the prospects of government labeling requirements. Content provided by Scott Reid at Colorado State University with funding from the CSU Cooperative Extension.

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Therapeutic cloning is replicating cells and tissue to use for medical purposes. This type of cloning is very controversial and individuals feel strongly on both sides of this issue. The medical use of replicated cells and body tissue are wide ranging and include organ growth and scientific research. Therapeutic cloning is so controversial, because it is tied to ethical issues that are connected to life and death. To get a better understanding of therapeutic cloning, you must be more informed about the pros and cons of this medical advancement.

Those are the reasons why human cloning is wrong

First, there are many reasons why the law does not allow the people to do human cloning

A rise like 'the stuff of fables' Hwang first made himself an international star and put Korea on the scientific map with a February 2004 paper in the ultra-prestigious journal Nature. He and his Seoul National University team reported that they had extracted stem cells from a cloned human embryo.