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Being capable of sharing an immense amount of uncensored information through social media sites has contributed to the success of many Arab Spring activists....

The severity of repression in Tunisia was the underlying cause of the Arab spring.

One of Reiss and director Ben Kidd’s, most interesting changes to the material is to submerge the young characters in a world of online pornography, Skype calls and cyber-bullying. Reiss goes much further here than in her modern retelling of firmly rooting Spring Awakening in a recognisable contemporary world. Reiss ably demonstrates how Wedekind’s play of adolescent upheaval is still relevant today: the play explores the complicated relationships between parents and their children, peer pressure, and sexual awakenings, while also examining the impact of a new set of pressures brought by the internet and the smartphone, a world of lives lived online.

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As shown in the spring sections of the Kokinshū, seasons are treated in poetry through their progression from one part of the season to another, seasonal imagery in describing the season, related emotional expressions, and the linking of human emotion to the natural surroundings....

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Vanderbilt Off-Broadway’s (VOB) production of Spring Awakening (book and lyrics by Stephen Sater and music by Duncan Sheik, based on the play by Frank Wedekind) was simultaneously a fun, disturbing, and provocative exploration of the tumultuous teenage years. VOB managed …

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After years and years of controversy and skepticism surrounding its argument, Silent Spring was and still is recognized as a perceptive warning of things in progress and things to come.

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It seems as if Mr. Franzen is smart enough to recognize the publicity he might gain
from his controversial, disparaging and adverse reactions to the brilliant and provocative “Spring Awakening” currently on Broadway or for that matter, his controversial, disparaging and adverse reaction to Oprah Winfrey’s recommendation of his book. Perhaps, what we often see and hear from this man are deliberately calculated publicity stunts. Controversy for the sake of controversy can get your name in the news far more often than generosity of spirit and recognition of excellence.

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I was in my bed in London when the Facebook status invaded my screen: “Vanderbilt Off-Broadway is performing Spring Awakening”, and I was nervous. Forget the entire buzz surrounding the play – you know, the eight Tony Awards, near-universal praise, …

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Assess the validity of this statement with specific reference to the years 1825-1850.’ Reform movements in the United States sought to expand democratic ideals from the quarter century time period of 1825-1850 also known as the Second Great Awakening.