Pericles’ funeral oration: What is democracy?

Mariners traditionally had conflicting superstitions involving a woman’s place on a ship, and this sense of conflict spills over into two Early Modern works of drama—namely Heywood’s Fair Maid of the West and Shakespeare’s Pericles.

Through his funeral oration, Pericles reveals the true nature of Athenians.

The democratic government was composed of two groups: “public speakers […], those who made proposals and publicly argued for or against political projects, and demos, those who as a group decided on the proposals” (Yunis, 1991: 179)....

Pericles’ funeral oration: What is democracy?

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The common goal of the Periclean Age was to establish a nation that was built on freedom and beauty, however the methods by which to achieve such a democratic state were and continue to be as individual as the people residing in Greece....

We can learn several things from the “Funeral Oration of Pericles“

That is already implicit in the idea of democracy as Thucydides (in ) expresses it in the funeral oration delivered by the great Athenian leader Pericles:

We are free and tolerant in our private lives; but in public affairs we keep to the law.

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Reread Pericles’ funeral oration in Thucydides 2.35-46, and answer the following question: What specific cultural values, lifestyle choices, and forms of social and political organization and functioning does Pericles consider an integral part of a democracy? In your answer to the question above, be sure to address the following questions (not necessarily in the same order) and support your answer with the evidence from the text:

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While Pericles Funeral Oration is an elogé to martyrdom and ..

Election, via democratic means, of such populists, meant that the Athenians would take a much more aggressive approach to the war and therefore abandon the policies that Pericles had previously established....