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But in the 18th Century, the tide was turning against slavery. The Enlightenment was at its height, which produced many great minds dedicated to the principle of individual rights and freedom –which stood in direct opposition to the principles of slavery. Mercantilism was being attacked by the economists of the day, such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, who promoted capitalism –the economic system that logically followed from Enlightenment principles. As well as these men, many people opposed slavery on moral grounds, such as William Wilberforce. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, the great debate of the time wasn’t capitalism vs. socialism; it was capitalism vs. mercantilism and the aristocracy, opposed to change -and pro-slavery. The latter included many of the English writers of the time, such as Thomas Carlyle and Charles Dickens. Because of the economists’ opposition to slavery, the writers called economics “the dismal science” –a modern phrase that came from the pro-slavery conservatives of the time.

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Was just thinking, have you seen the movie 300? I loved it. At that time the wonderful greeks also had slaves. Not such a wonderful thought, though I guess it did free up time for their great men. Yes men. Not women, as they seem to have been treated pretty much as slaves also. In this day, by the work of the producers we have many wonderful devices to free us from manual labour and enable more productive pursuits. Why would any advocate slavery in this day and age when you can trade for the best of someones productive time & skill.
I don't think the Persians had slaves under Darius?

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- At the heart of this debate is the issue of racial discrimination: Does it truly exist in modern America?

Don't you get it Elijah? Those words, in the way you have put them together in those sentences, means that you are expressing your moral sanction of slavery. Slavery must have been profitable at one stage, otherwise it would never have 'flourished' as an 'industry' was it morally right and good then? The slave traders, shipping slaves to America and England were making profits, and profit is the basis of morality, what they were doing must have been morally good right? If not, why not? By your own rationale profitable slavery is good. Anything profitable is good. Because the rights of others are of no concern to you, they are just something that the dreaded socialist boogeymen have programmed in to pliable young minds, with silly concepts such as individual sovereignty, non initiation of force, the fact that UNDER NO FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCES IS IT RIGHT OR MORAL TO OWN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. PROFITABLE OR FUCKING NOT.

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