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28) "In their new colony, the settlers continued to prepare familiar foods...As diaries and inventories note, the settlers themselves brought the implements used for cooking these familiar foods, duplicating life in the Netherlands as best as they could.

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Lousiana's French colonists became Spanish subjects only forty years after the settlement of New Orleans, and for another four decades, until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Spanish tastes prevailed among the ruling Creoloe cooks...The hurried traveler in Louisiana is apt to get the impression that all the best food is traditional French in style, but as careful preservation of ancient architcture in the Vieux Carre also makes clear--Spaniards left several kinds of permanent changes in gastronomy.

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They brought recipes,cooking implements, food processing methods, familiar animals (sheep, cows, pigs, goats) and seeds (grains, fruit, nuts).

Cape Cod Turkey was the name given to a dish consisting of a large, freshly caught codfish bakedwith bits of pork, served with an egg sauce, and accompanied by boiled potatoes and beets cooke with melted butter...Perhapsthe most famous Massachusetts food tradition is the cookign of baked beans on Saturday night.

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Dried meat and salted fish had fed American sailors, and these foods became a part of Hawaiian tradition--as pipikuala, the jerked beef that is broiled in tiny pieces and served with a sweet-sour cause, and as lomi lomi, thin fillets of salted salmon that some New Yorkers have described as better in its indigenous way than lox (smoked salmon) from their own favorite delicatessens.

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Some argue that baked beans were introduced to the colonists by the Indians, but novelist Kenneth Roberts, in an essay on "The Forgotton Marrowbones," printed in Marjorie Mosser's Foods of Old New England (1957), argues that baked beans had long been a traditional Sabbath dish among North African and Spanish Jews, who called the dish "skanah."...Nevertheless, the dish clearly became associated with Boston, whose Puritan settlers baked beans on Saturday, served them that night for dinner, for Sunday breakfast with codfish cakes and Boston Brown Bread, and again for Sunday lunch, because no other cooking was allowed during the Sabbath, which extended to Sunday evening.

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Within a matter of years they had become a part of world trade...From the start, new animals and plants were introduced; cows, horses, and goats, and a bewildering variety of plants...Hawaiian food and haole food (the latter being the food of the white incomers) continued side by side with occasional input from the Chinese who also ended up on the islands...On ceremonial occasions, there would be luaus at which largely Hawaaian foods was served: poi, of course, and dried fish and shrimp, luau pig baked in the imu, seaweed, and taro leaves, and a dessert made of coconut milk thickened with Polynesian arrowroot...

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Famous for theirrich, tangy flavor...They are popular bakingingredients and have a much stronger flavor than the milder English walnuts...Pecan trees grew wild in Missouri and were a source offood for the Missouri Indians long before the white man came...Honey has been a part of Missouri history.