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The classification of wild cat species is work in progress. Taxonomy is an evolving science. There have been marked changes in classification over the preceding 100 years. Currently (at 2011) there are 36 species of wild cat according to the premier book on wild cats: . They follow CITES classification, World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC) and Wild Cats Status Survey and Conservation Plan. The book was published 2002. The situation can change. DNA testing has changed things. I have listed the Sunda clouded leopard as a separate species but written about it within the clouded leopard page.

The question I ask now is this: Will cloning be used in the conservation of endangered species.

Although his team of researchers had qualified to the public that it is unethical to clone humans1, the very prospect of being able to replicate creatures of our own kind is nevertheless enticing.

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Thanks for the comment. You must be a specialist on hairless cats! I like hairless cats by the way.

Barb, I am not sure how big a Dalmatian is but I know they are quite large, but this cat more or less has to be a bobcat because the bobcat is the only possible wild cat species in this instance.