Article I of the Constitution is based on the legislative department.

Out of the political discourse of assessing what constitute as a right, is the question of how outdated is the United States Constitution as it pertains to present day America....

The writers of the constitution we hypocrites, they didn’t abide by what they preached.

Having done a formatting update, we will be used to the idea that the Constitution should speak to our time, which may make it easier to do more substantive amendments as necessary.

There have only been 17 amendments, or changes, since ratification.

Some similarities of the two Constitutions are evident in the laws of the legal system....

This is why the subject of my research is, "To what extent did the Japanese Constitution result in greater freedom and increased rights for Japanese women in the mid twentieth century?" The scope of this research is valuable because it examines the development of feminism in Japan, which empowered women and explains the development of equal rights....

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When we finish this step, the product is still the original Constitution, but with each amendment incorporated, adjoined to the text it replaces or expands, if any.

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(Some amendments will be broken into segments, as they replace or expand text at different points in the Constitution.) The new text from the amendments is underlined, the text which is rescinded or superseded by the amendments is shown struck through.

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(But let's not forget that the states are the final arbiters of changes to the Constitution, so after the formatting phase is completed by the congressional committee, the product needs to be approved by three-fourths of the states.)

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(This should obviously have been done historically, as new amendments were made.) This will eventually need expert hands, and the work will tell us whether our amendment process has been unambiguous, as it should be.

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– phase 1b – is still the original Constitution, but without the text that has been superseded by the amendments (i.e., the text that was in strike-through type in phase 1a).