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The popular dimensions of the constitutional code appear to runcontrary to the legal positivism commonly associated withBentham’s utilitarianism, which implies a theory of sovereigntythat requires that power be located in the hands of the legislator,however constituted, and stipulates that all laws are imperative anddepend for their enforcement on coercive sanctions. Rosen has arguedthat as early as A Fragment on Government, Bentham rejectedthe Hobbesian the idea of sovereignty based on simple command andobedience, in which the sovereign is necessarily a single, unifiedsupreme power, in favour of “the notions of the legal limitationand division of sovereign power” (Rosen 1983, 41, 44).

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Bentham did not consider that the effectiveness of the POT as a checkon misrule could be undermined by secret government methods to limitthe flow of information, nor did it occur to him that a pressdominated by the views of one class could subvert the veracity of theinformation it disseminated. He pinned his faith on transparency andpublicity (Postema 2014, 49). Ideally, the public would be adequatelyinformed, and the POT would be constituted by those among the publicwho were both knowledgeable and concerned about the issues beforeit. Its judgements could change as new evidence came to light or asnew arguments were enunciated, and it could be fragmented or unifiedin its view in proportion to the variety of individual opinionsexpressed.

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Hier’s Risky spaces and Dangerous Face: Urban Surveillance, Social Disorder and CCTV emphasized on Jeremy Bentham’s panoptical supervisions and will be a reoccurring theme in this essay.

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This essay will firstly explore the views of Classical Theory, by looking at Cesane Beccaria, the father of Classical theory and Jeremy Bentham, the founder of Utilitarian and explore how there influences are incorporated into laws and regulations, around the world....

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This book is both an exposition and a critical assessment of some central issues in jurisprudence and political theory. Chapter themes include Bentham's identification of the forms of mystification protecting the law from criticism, his relation to Beccaria and his conversion to democratic radicalism.

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The second factor to consider is that “the greatest number” does not necessarily mean the majority. One person can experience five units of displeasure with one act and only experience two units of displeasure with a similar act. Though Bentham states that “each counts as one” (referring to each man counts as one regardless of who they are), there are still times when equal amounts of people are affected by our actions and a decision must still be made based on the severity of the bad consequences or the rewards of the good ones.