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JohnQuincy Adams attacked Paine's work in his anonymous Letters of Publicola, whichdefended the Constitution of England, including that nation's right "toestablish a Government in hereditary succession" and Parliament's right to enact game laws. Adamsseverely castigated Paine's defense of the French Constitution, which placedbeyond legislative control "universal freedom of the chase." The letters originally were thought to have been penned by John Adams, who haddefended the British Constitution in his Defence of the Constitutions and Discourses on Davila, the latter of whichattacked the French Revolution.

A constitution defines the rights of citizens and states where the power lies within government.

ToCoxe and his contemporaries, the Second Amendment guaranteed the right of everyfreeman to own, possess, carry, and use rifles, muskets, pistols, and otherfirearms for self-defense, hunting, and militia purposes, including resistanceto oppression. Private arms were constitutionally protected, although uniformityfor militia purposes suggested the wisdom of governmental purchase anddistribution of public arms to the general populace. The right could be injuredby disarmament laws, by over-reliance on standing armies, and by game laws thatprevented individuals from learning how to use arms. Given the centrality of theright to arms in a free state, the development of the American firearmsmanufacturing industry was worthy of national encouragement.

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The Constitution of the United States sets forth the nation's fundamental laws.

Atlast, in 1823, John Quincy Adams revealed his own authorship of the Letters ofPublicola and renewed his criticism of "the inflammatory principles ofPaine," whose works he called "worse than worthless." Tench Coxe cited all of the above writings of the Adams and others as reflectiveof dangerous monarchical tendencies, which John Quincy Adams would represent ifelected president. Under the pen-name "Sidney," Coxe also wrote an1823 series entitled To the Friends of the Principles of the Constitution of theUnited States in the Philadelphia Democratic Press. In *393this series, Coxe criticized monarchical sympathizers in America, withparticular reference to John Quincy Adams, including Adams's views about thedeprivation of arms in France and England.

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On the opposite side, others insists that the constitution is absolutely useless since it is widely adopted in the numerous autocratic states, and used to retain the power and authority in hands of current government.

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Still, Tench Coxe is important. No one in the early republic wrote more about the rightto arms than did Coxe. Second Amendment topics discussed by Coxe include thenature of a "well regulated militia," the meaning of a "freestate," the *353constitution of "the people," the penumbras of "keep"and "bear," and the "arms" protected from infringement.

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The key differences between the United States Constitution and that of local states are due to the distinctions between the scope and characteristics of the people they govern....

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I’m an advocate of the democratic and efficiency critique and that is why I believe the United States should change its Constitution because it gives too much power to the central government, it allows for winner take-all elections, and fails to take adequate responsibili...

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The one feature the three constitutions I will discuss have in common is their liberal democratic nature, but the rigidity of their fundamental laws and how they are amended are all very different....