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These wise words sum up what most teachers respond to when asked the question “Should parents censor text/literature in schools?” Highly educated, teachers know their own idea on this and can back it up with fact and personal experiences.

 A particular target for censorship in schools is books on homosexual issues.

Richmond case, in which three black families petitioned the court to allow their children to finish their high school education at a white high school, due to the closing of the local black high school which would intergrate African Americans and whites under one facility....

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Now in article there are a lot of possible exigencies listed threw out the article one of the main exigencies is that Judy bulme has personal experience with censorship as a little girl, with that personal account she has familiarity that compels and gives her credibility to write this article.

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Today the trend of censorship continues as popular novels such as The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and Captain Underpants are censored from schools across the nation (Challenges by Reason).Censorship in regards to literature refers to the examination and suppressing of a book because of objectionable material....

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In schools, where young people are under the logical guidance of responsible adults, is the perfect place to expose them to negative options.
Most would-be banners act with what they consider to be the highest intents protecting themselves, their families, and communities from perceived oppressions and preserving values and ideals they would have the entire society comprehend.

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If the censorship in school libraries continues
to expand, the society portrayed in the book may even become reality.
"Where they have burned books, they will end up burning human beings " (qtd.

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Censorship effects society in excellent ways by putting a blind fold on certain types of media, language, and other social values that should not be seen by all humans.

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Censorship is moral, because it bans certain books from schools that should be banned, it helps parents keep their children from material they should not be in acquaintance with, and is politically correct for society and students due to its ethical values....