It is also a challenge for those articulating their worldview.

In my quest to analyze these issues and gain a distinct understanding as to why certain worldviews present truth and reality as that which is certain—however unproven, I was forced to change the lens by which I had previously viewed various worldviews in the past....

Your thesis must also let your reader know what your essay will be about.

Butdespite all the evidence of the dead house on a deadstreet in a dying city the boy determines to bear his "chalicesafelythrough a throng of foes." He is blindly interpreting the world in theimages of his dreams: shop boysselling pigs' cheeks cry out in "shrilllitanies"; Mangan's sister is saintly; her name evokes in him"strangeprayers and praises." The boy is extraordinarily lovesick, and fromhis innocent idealism andstubbornness, we realized that he cannotkeep the dream.

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in the Second World War How the Second World War change the economy of United States.

As you develop paragraphs in the body of the essay, make clear your reasons for ascribing the symbolic significanceyou do, show the function of the symbol in the work, and above all, prove that awareness of the symbol enrichesunderstanding or appreciation of the work.