There are many claims behind the reason of wage discrimination.

The great political powers saw a rapid urbanization in the various countries. People by then were in classes with the Aristocrats at the helm followed by the upper middle class through the broad middle class, the lesser artisans and finally the metropolitan poor. The enlightenment group at the time advocate for humanism. The main agenda is to improve the quality of life of the humans through music and art. John Locke in his tabula Rosa agrees with the sentiment of human perfection through art and music. The enlightenment philosophies at the time were on the issues of freedom of human to allow perfection. The philosophies included full confidence in life; Nature could be studied emphatically and it was orderly and good. Since human were perfect beings therefore society could also be perfected. Supported that political, economic and religious institution should be considered utilitarianism for the general happiness of the society. Advocates free choice of religion and that educational institution should be free of control by religion. Finally, there was the embracement of deism by the society in the period.

These escapades, will enable us to come of age.

The preparation of these pages was influenced to some degree by a particular "Philosophy of History" as suggested by this quote from the famous Essay "History" by Ralph Waldo Emerson:-

It was an age of reason and philosophes.

During this age, changes the likes of which had not been seen since ancient times took place.

Because of the issues caused by irresponsible drinking, the US government passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984 which raised the minimum drinking age to twenty-one to prevent drinking-related accidents and violence.

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We have to stay the age of 21 to drink because younger age of 18 or low cause a medically irresposibility, reduce the percentage of young age, and lower the crimes of age 18 or lower....

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This law essentially told states that they had to pass a law stating a minimum drinking age of 21 or lose up to ten percent of their federal highway funding....

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In fact it was fairly recently that for a variety of reasons the government agreed to pass President Reagan’s law prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 to buy alcohol.

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And if the driving age were to be raised to 21, public transportation would have to be improved if your town had no form of it or if it just needed to be improved on....

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Time and time again she speaks of unthinkable odds and conditions and how she manages to keep excelling in her aspirations, yet she ends the book with a tone of hesitation, fear, and skepticism.

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The three time periods, which have unique characteristics in their subject matter and writing styles, were the Age of Faith, Age of Reason, and Age of Romantics....