Without a high school diploma it is difficult to get a good job.

In high school, it is easy to be a star – even at the best of best private schools. You are surrounded by people who WANT you to succeed. If you pay a modicum of attention in class and are reasonably intelligent, you can breeze through your coursework and make good grades. The standardized tests are easy, and they even give you classes to “coach” you toward a better score. You have guidance counselors, friends, parents, and teachers who you can lean on in picking your future college and career.

Athletics in high school can have an effect on the community as a whole.

College does not mean anything at all anymore. It is like high school. It may be tougher but hell, it doesn’t really give the true meaning of life. Yes it changes your perspective in some facets but does not give you reality. Finishing or not finishing college, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know how to live your life and made decision.

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High school sports provide a sense of school pride and dedication to the athlete’s school.

Reason 8 why one would dropout of a class in college.
another reason to dropout of English 1A the teacher emails bad messages to you about a essay paper, which your working on in the writing lab, after she gets too close to you in a group study part of the class, which makes you feel really uncomfortable, she may just want to help you but theirs this uncomfortable feeling about her when she gets to close to you in your class desk, she sits right in front of you, during what she calls group projects, and since in the high school special ed classes , they never normally make you go into groups, working on projects by yourself your normally better, at but of course that English 1A teacher non-DESP class, doesn’t get that, and emails you back , plus your in the process of moving at this time, and you may be thinking about how people behave in that TV show pretty little liars which you like, but have really nothing to do with her behavor, around you during her class group projects, where you get a group grade in class. you of course didn’t want to talk to the campus people about what was really going on which you feel is her reason for writting her very nasty email message about your essay 1 which you where in the process of working on in both writting labs, the DESP writting lab and the normal one, and since that was your last year their you didn’t want to talk about it with them.
well that sums up my real reason for dropping my first and last english 1A class.

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Even with all that, I have busted my ass in school. I have made Dean’s List repeatedly and I am now sitting at a pretty nice 3.24 GPA, considering. I am not saying college is easy or that college is for everyone. I quickly noticed when I was dealing with personal/family issues that college was for me. Since I was home during those 2 semesters I took off, I hung out with people from my high school. The ones that never attended college because they were still living at home. It was a HUGE eye opener. Friend #1 works as a cashier at Publix. Friend #2 is a daycare sitter making nothing. Friend #3 is unemployed… They all had no clue with what to do with their lives. It was sad and when I returned to school pushed in harder, even with all the depression I was dealing with.

Dropping out of school will never be acceptable or justified

i agree with all of the ones i read. i was a freshman at a private school and dropped out after thanksgiving because i was so overwhelmed with the homework and exams coming up that i just decided to quit. high school did not prepare me at all. what so ever. and they always say ‘make sure to have the college experience’ well you cant have friends and homework. it just doesnt work. at least not for me. and all the other colleges i have looked at seem to be money pits…i’ve just given up on school…everyone is so pressured to go to college. and i believe in 10-15 years when every has degrees but no one can get a job what good will that do? the people that are telling us to go to college are the ones that lived during a time when it was rare that you got to go. times have changed and America needs to learn to be hard workers again.

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I spent the first four years post high school serving in the Navy. When I left the military I began college at the community level, and after about three semesters I have concluded that college is not really for me. First off, I feel I have learned more in the Navy then I can possibly learn in any college. Second, I have discovered I learn new things actually working in the field for which those things apply. This is a facet that is missing whole sale from the college experiance. Math classes are a great example of this. Why is math hard to students?? It is one of the few subjects taught with little to no connection to real world applications, aside from scant boring text book examples. Work experiance should be valued the same as college credits. Another huge learning resource…the internet. Todays youth can learn more about everything from the internet then they could most colleges. I now go to U of Google.