Gene Technology and genetically modified foods are no exception.

The public has not been adequately educated of the presence of genetically modified ingredients in their diets and the possible risks that these foods may entail, and hence, they have been disempowered in their rights to make informed choices.

Genetically modified foods also have a bad consequence to needy families from small villages.

Currently, the affect of genetically modified food on humans and the environment is a controversial topic among geneticists and environmentalists worldwide....

On the topic of important issues are genetically modified foods.

Once hailed as scientific miracle foods, these GMO’s quickly infiltrated the public diet.

We don’t want no GMO’s!” This cry resounds at rallies around the nation where community advocates protest the use of genetically modified foods in the products they consume.

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Genetically modified foods (GMOs), also known as Biotech/ GM foods, are derivatives from crops that are genetically modified/ engineered. Unique changes introduced into the DNA of these crops through genetic manufacturing techniques add different attributes to these crops, such as the ability to withstand disease, experience quicker growth and the creation of additional nutrients. Objections to these foods are rooted on several underlying issues, such as environmental concerns, safety (human) issues and concerns stemming from the economic sphere where GM crops grow and being sources of nourishment. They are subjected to legally recognized intellectual property laws.

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Over the years, controversies have come up surrounding the production, sale and consumption of genetically modified foods. These have been based on the disputable advantages gained over the overriding disadvantages of such commodities. Such disputes often involve the consumers and NGOs on one hand and scientists, governmental regulators and bio-technological companies on the other. Areas key to the disputes include the level of risk/harm from such foods, the roles of governmental regulators, environmental impacts from these commodities, the enforcement of the labeling of such foods and impacts of these commodities on farmers (inclusive of those in the developing states). Other issues include the presence of such foods as part of a wider industrial agricultural based system and the role of such foodstuff in the feeding of the global population that is on an ever-growing streak.

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As of right now, Vermont is the only state to have mandated labeling of genetically modified foods, but they have been met with extreme opposition from companies like Monsanto and Kraft Foods who are heavily invested in GMOs.

the growth and consumption of genetically-modified (GM) food

Different foodstuffs are present in the contemporary era, which are based on genetically modified crops. Human beings directly consume a small percentage, while a majority of such food is sold as produce that requires further processing into consumable ingredients. These include vegetables and fruits, corn meal, corn and sugar syrup and vegetable oils among others. Genetically modified livestock and fish also are generally put in this category, as derivative foodstuffs. Population increase and the lack of substantial crop output coupled with unsuitable weather patterns have necessitated the production of food crops among others that are more durable, disease resistant, more nutrient packed and entail lesser maturity and thus production periods (Falck-Zepeda, Traxler and Nelson 86).