Outside of the courtroom Atticus is not any different.

When a media attack is made that way, it does not matter if the AG was making up everything from whole cloth, which was largely the case. Most people will flee when faced with such an assault. Every customer that had not put money down on the system immediately canceled his/her system order. About 400 customers had put down a deposit on the system, and those customers did not flee. Those customers even signed a petition to ask the AG's office to stop “protecting” them.

He watches people from his balcony, but he is indifferent and objective when describing them.

Dennis closed his eyes and turned away, and that company soon went bankrupt. Unfortunately, the mentality that that business seller displayed is alive and well in America, especially in the small-time American entrepreneurial waters, as . Dennis was not seeing unusually dishonest or greedy people, nor was his judgment poor. He was getting a healthy dose of what the USA is really like.

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But how does the courtroom decide who is a legitimate witness to an event....

Another example of the limitations in the technical mind was the notion of 12,000 BTUs per horsepower per hour that 4-horsepower systems could theoretically produce. Mr. Young Engineer (AKA Brian) read it in his refrigeration textbook and it became his mantra. He tested a LamCo-style system and documented 100,000 BTUs per hour with a four horsepower system, which was 25,000 BTUs per horsepower per hour. Even then, he still could not reject his knee-jerk notion that only 12,000 BTUs per horsepower per hour was possible. He even testified to the 12,000 BTUs-per-horsepower-per-hour notion at Dennis’s preliminary hearing in late 1988, and then his report in his own hand was shown to him, and he hit his forehead, saying that he had forgotten that he had done it, but had to admit the “impossible” when faced with his own report, as shown below:

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The plant manager then led Dennis into the facility. It was one of Dennis’s more sobering experiences. As far as the eye could see, sparks were flying and people were building heat pumps. After letting Dennis take in the scene for a minute, the plant manager said, “We did two billion dollars worth of business last year, Kid. What did you do?”

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“Well, Kid, so you have a superior heat pump, eh? I know about your heat pump. Even if it outperformed ours, the idiots in the field could never install one of yours properly. Come with me, Kid.”

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As the novel continues the prosecuting attorney, Matthew Harrison Brady, enters the scene which reveals the prejudice of the courtroom regarding the case of Bertram Cates.

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Every day life is boring, yet people tend to be attracted to the relatable shows that portray real life in eccentric ways – ways that they believe could be imitated by the average person.