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Evidence indicates strongly that it is the latter. Glenn Miller has performed an analysis of this question which we will draw upon, though we shall not delve too deeply into the issue - which would require writing another essay entirely. The net of the data is: 1) Both the content of Scripture, and its cultural context, demonstrate that justification for anti-Semitism is no more found in the NT generally or the trial accounts specifically, than is justification for racism or any other sin of your choice; 2) Responsibility for the death of Jesus is placed upon, in order - a) the Jewish leadership; b) Jerusalemite Jews, in particular, the crowd before Pilate; c) Pilate and Herod.

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This means that the prosecutor makes the decisions about the charges.

Wherever the data came from, however, what is more important is: Do the trial scenes reflect reality adequately, which would support the idea that eyewitnesses are in some measure responsible for the Gospel accounts? Here we get into even meatier issues, and we will enter upon the particulars shortly.

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According to Spanos, "Multiple identities can develop in a wide variety of cultural contexts and serve numerous different social functions." Neither childhood sexual abuse nor mental disorder is a necessary condition for multiple personality to manifest itself.

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And as
all murder cases, we must introduce you to the victims, and we
did so in this case, through the testimony of fewer than 30
witnesses out of 130 that the United States of America called.
You got to know them a little bit, just a little bit, through
their photograph, photograph taken before their death, and a
snapshot, perhaps, of people, co-workers, friends, who had
worked with those individuals before they died, many times
seeing those people on the day they died.
We took you first to the bomb scene, through sight and
sound, through Lou Klaver.

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In response to the overwhelming growth of the business, many nations (including the United States) have set out to prevent, prosecute, and rehabilitate offenders and victims alike....

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The prosecution spent a lot of time and effort attempting to prove that George Zimmerman engaged in racial profiling and showing that none of this would have occurred if Zimmerman had not profiled Martin.

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Prosecutorial discretion means that the prosecutor decides whether someone should be charged for a crime and what that individual should be charged with (Whitebread & Slogobin, 2000).