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Revival of Hijab
As the century progressed, a revival of veiling and introduction of more modest dress reasserted itself. Opposition to Islamic required clothing had never been truly universal. Among the lower middle classes it had always tended to be defended in the face of change. Even in Turkey where the state had pushed the idea of reform, new ideas and styles of dress did not reach women in the hinterland.

In areas where Islam was resisted and believers felt threatened, like Indonesia and the Philippines, Muslim women began to dress more conservatively as a way to assert who they were. During militant struggles for independence, such as that against the French in Algeria or the British in Egypt, some women purposely kept the veil in defiance of western styles. It meant they also could take part in veiled and silent demonstrations, or could hide weapons under long robes.

There were other reasons for taking up and defending hijab. One was the growing reaffirmation of nation identity and rejection of values and styles seen as western. In response to Egypt's catastrophic loss to Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, and the seeming failure of secularism, there also was a push to return to Islamic laws which had been abandoned. Modernization was seen as negative, a phenomena which encouraged people to reject not only Islamic but all indigenous traditions. Wearing hijab came to symbolize not the inferiority of the culture in comparison to western ways, but its uniqueness and superiority.

The real surge toward donning hijab came with Iran's revolution. Women were seen as key elements in achieving changes in public morality and private behavior. Unveiled women were mocked, called unchaste "painted dolls," and were punished if they appeared in public without proper covering. In countries beyond Iran in the 1970s, demonstrations and sit-ins appeared over opposition to the required western style dress code for university students and civil servants.

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Women activists in the Muslim world are less preoccupied with what women wear than with securing other freedoms such as access to education, better health care for their families, or wider opportunities for work. Commonly they argue for women's rights under the supposition of a culture-specific struggle, focusing on the implementation and activation of human rights claimed to be granted by Islam. Feminist consciousness and action may indeed exist in greater measure with the wearer of Islamic dress than with one who wears up-to-date Western style clothes!

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The Italian culture is perhaps one of the richest cultures in the entire southern Europe. It has a very rich history in respect to its popular customs and traditions, classic architecture and art. The Italian people are very agreeable, welcoming and warm towards strangers. They are a people who derive pleasure in sharing the exciting pleasures of everyday life with their neighbors. Getting bored in Italy is quite an understatement since the Italian land offers the most exciting, delightful and stimulating beauty that nature has to offers. Coupled with this is the charm and the elegance of its residents who share a variety of regional cultures.

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Among all the states of the country, Assam is said to have the largest number of tribes showing a great difference in their tradition, culture, dresses, and exotic way of life.

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The great Indian leaders like Gandhi and Nehru did not accept this ideology of Culture - The TelegraphAll the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment.Tradition of Rangoli,Hindu Rangoli Art,Tradition of …Tradition of Rangoli, Hindu Rangoli Art, Tradition of Floor Painting, Origin of Rangoli Art, View Rangoli Patterns, View Rangoli Designs, Diwali Rangoli Art, Diwali Essay on the Privatization of Education in IndiaEssay on the Privatization of Education in India Introduction: Since the impact of privatization is penetrating all sectors of the economy, it is bound to affect Tradition of Bhang,Holi Bhang,History of BhangDetails about tradition of bhang, holi bhang, history of bhang, hub of bhang, making of bhang, bhang thandai, bhang in holi, holi bhang, bhang tradition, bhang on The term Greater India is most commonly used to encompass the historical and geographic extent of all political entities of the Indian subcontinent, and the regions Changes in the Marriage System of Hindus in Modern India Read this essay about changes in the marriage system of Hindus in today’s India !

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