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Of these graduates, 84.7% go on to college, compared to 44.1% of public school graduates
Student achievement in Catholic schools for 4th, 8th and 12th grades was consistently higher than their public school peers as indicated from standardized tests in math, reading, and writing.
Why Do We Think Catholic Education is Important?
We think catholic education is important because we learn just as much as public schools, but we tie our faith into our subjects to give us a better understanding of God.

Values and character are an integral part of a Catholic school education.

“On the other hand, from my perspective, the key to authentic education is contemplation. Thinking is not primary. We should not be advocates of Descartes.”

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Here’s a link to a book on the Catholic philosophy of elementary education.It’s very good…

The issue is not so much one ofimperial expansion, of which we are accused, as of the tendency to assimilateall governments or parties in the world that support our immediate policies orcall upon our help by invoking the notion of free institutions and democraticvalues.

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With respect to your question of the kind of education various church documents envisionI am confident that only liberal educationunderstood as an education centered on the liberal arts and characterized as I describe it abovefulfills what these documents understand by education. Given that it was the start of the school yearI took the opportunity to reexamine the mission of Catholic education. Reviewing ones mission statement annually is as important for Catholic schools as it is for business organizations and other nonprofit institutions. And how do the education part and the Catholic part fit together. This last question is what I call the two friends keeping each other honest part of Catholic education. I have been empowered to give of myself by completing service hours for confirmation and annual requirements why catholic education is important essay. Attending Catholic schools has taught to me the teachings of the Church regarding social justice and the dignity of all people.
An we are not in the elective with just our grade. This survey also provides us with our first clear look at the difference between Hispanics and nonHispanics in access to Catholic education. He said that if the liberal arts are like a bone thrown to sharpen a dogs teeth then it must be a marrow bonewith some element of meat for nourishment as well as bone for teethsharpening.

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For what its worthill add my 2 cents We send our daughter to Catholic school and the primary reason for doing so is that we want her to grow both in intellectual and social maturity but also more broadly speakingin holiness. Although there were too few preVatican II Hispanics to samplewe do have sufficient numbers in the other three generations to compare. Adler then focused mainly on the liberal arts as foundational skills for learningrather than on liberal education as providing elements of content as well as skills. LikewiseVatican II Catholics also had good access to Catholic schools. And I have had the honor of attending such a school for the last seven years. It is not clear to me that what is called classical education is as clearly in viewalthough the dimension of education concerned with cultural heritage would include elements of what we call the classical tradition. NonHispanics who attended a Catholic high school are more likely than those who did not to say that each of the items in Table 13 is very important to them as a Catholic. In other wordsit concerns intellectual and moral knowledge but also virtues habits of acting for the truethe good and the beautiful. We wont publish comments that lack charityare off topicor are more than 400 words. Youth groups like Judes Kids are one way that enable students to put faith into action and make a difference in society. . The sharing of faith has been the key to my success at Catholic schools. With these morals and valueschildren can put their faith into action and become positive role models for society. As showsHispanic Catholics of any generation are never more than half as likely as nonHispanic Catholics of the same generation to have attended a Catholic school at any level. As showsHispanic Catholics of any generation are never more than half as likely as nonHispanic Catholics of the same generation to have attended a Catholic school at any level. Not only have Catholic schools taught our faith to mebut they have also given to me the opportunities and resources to share our faith with others. We need to challenge our schools to not only worship well in communitybut for our classroom teachers to teach Christianlyand for our curricula to reflect wonderwisdomand the work our students to called to do as faithful servants of God in this world.