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This is the universal law of imagination, When Iachimo says of Imogen, this Passionate interpretation of the motion of the flame to accord with the speaker's own feelings, Is true Poetry.

Nature and the benefits of a simplified lifestyle were important to Thoreau.

In all that relates to the descriptive or fanciful part of poetry, he bears no comparison to many who had gone before, or who have come after him; but there is a gloomy abstraction in his conceptions, which lies like a dead weight upon the mind; a benumbing stupor, a breathless awe, from the intensity of the impression; a terrible obscurity, like that which oppresses us in dreams; an identity of interest, which moulds every object to its own purposes, and clothes all things with the passions and imaginations of the human soul, -- that make amends for all other deficiencies.

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As often as articulation passes naturally into intonation, there poetry begins.

Poetry is only the highest eloquence of passion, the most vivid form of expression that can be given to our conception of anything, whether pleasurable or painful, mean or dignified, delightful or distressing.

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Things were collected more into masses, and gave a greater momentum to the imagination. Dante was the father of modern poetry, and be may therefore claim a place in this connexion.

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It is not the poetry of social life, but of solitude: each man seems alone in the world, with the original forms of nature, the rocks, the earth, and the sky.

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His poetry is, like his religion, the poetry of number and form: he describes the bodies as well as the souls of men. The poetry of the Bible is that of imagination and of faith: it is abstract and disembodied: it is not the poetry of form, but of power; not of multitude, but of immensity.

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Both Wordsworth and Coleridge were pioneers of the Romantic Movement which stressed the importance of expressing emotions, particularly through poetry.

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One possibility, as suggested through symbolism in Wallace Steven’s “The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain” is that mankind can recreate nature through art.


If it is of the essence of poetry to strike and fix the imagination, whether we will or no, to make the eye of childhood glisten with the starting tear, to be never thought of afterwards with indifference, John Bunyan and may be permitted to pass for poets in their way.