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Another great train journey in Thailand is the 70km trip from Bangkok to Maeklong. Visitors take the journey for the unique experiences; the destination is almost immaterial! The journey involves two train journeys separated by a ferry ride. Best of all, the railway runs through the center of a world-famous market, the wheels passing just inches from the beautifully laid out fruit and vegetables which are displayed along the edges of the track.

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A 5-day rail trip to Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai is an amazing and moving experience for those wanting to pay tribute to the POWs who built the famous bridge over the River Kwai. Travelers start the journey in Bangkok and travel through some amazing countryside to Kanchanaburi and then travel along the Thai-Burma railway. One day is spent exploring the caves in Kanchanaburi along with delving into World War II history in the War Museum and the Allied Cemetery followed by a river trip on a bamboo raft and an elephant ride in the rainforest. The following day is a ride on the “Death Railway” before returning by train to Bangkok.

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Driving into Queenstown looks somewhat like you’re arriving on a moonscape. This historic mining town with 19th century pubs and architecture is also the destination of the Western Wilderness Railway. A historic steam train that journeys steep tracks through rainforests from Strahan. I think that taking the kids to these Tasmanian towns with mining history is a real eye opener for the human impact on the planet.