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While the dichotomous mentality surrounding abortion has always been at the forefront of social controversy, the “gray area” between the two extremes of pro life and pro choice is often neglected....

 - A research paper on abortion and politics contains a detailed analysis of abortion and politics.

org 2007) Roe.V .Wade is believed to have been the United States Supreme Court’s decision that resulted in the dawn of the abortion controversy between pro-choice and pro-life advocates, and whether what the woman is carrying is simply just a fetus or a life, the debate is endless.

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- Failed Abortions research papers discuss the statisics and risks of medical abortion failure.

By reading this book, a person can analyze what practices were used for contraception and abortion, whom the chief advocates of reproductive control in the mid-century were, along with the changing access to fertility control at the end of the ce...

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This procedure should not be allowed because it destroys life, has consequential physical and mental problems on the women involved, and because other preferable options exist.

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Up until then, the Catholic church had taught that "life" begins at 40 days gestation for a male and 80 days for a female, and therefore abortions before those 40 or 80 day periods were not viewed as murder....

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Therefore a vast majority of national governments reflect the complicity abortion creates in their legislations by either having a definite law allowing or prohibiting abortions....

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Because a fetus is a human being from the moment of conception, aborting is murder and therefore it should be just as illegal as taking the life of a grown human is....

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It turns out that identifying as both pro-choice and pro-life is actually more common than one might expect: 43% of Americans overall choose both labels.

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When dealing with genetics and other life sciences it can be proven that a new and completely unique human being comes into existence within the instant of conception (When Does Life Begin.