The ice cube on the green paper melted last.

But there might be a less dramatic reason than polar ice melting for the higher ocean level -- the higher temperature of the water. Water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius. Above and below this temperature, the density of water decreases (the same weight of water occupies a bigger space). So as the overall temperature of the water increases it naturally expands a little bit making the oceans rise.

Well, for one, ice is not melting at the South Pole. Ice is melting at the North Pole.

A final and most important role of the melt water is that some of it works its way down through the ice fabric through minor pores, veins and channels, and in doing so drives out much of the remaining brine. This process, called flushing, is the most efficient and rapid form of brine drainage mechanism, and it operates to remove nearly all of the remaining brine from the first-year ice. The hydrostatic head of the surface meltwater provides the driving force, but an interconnecting network of pores is necessary for the flushing process to operate. Given that the strength properties of sea ice depend on the brine volume, this implies that the flushing mechanism creates a surviving ice sheet which during its second winter of existence has much greater strength than in its first winter.

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Our experiment uses solar energy to heat up ice cubes causing a chemical change.1.

If you have a big gallon tub of ice cream, it willtake more time to melt than a cone of ice creambecause it requires more heat to melt a largeramount of ice cream.

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The shape of the ice cream will change themelting time depending how it changes the ratio ofthe area of the surface to the volume of the icecream. The more ice cream that is in immediatecontact with air, the faster it will melt. A lowersurface area to volume ratio speeds meltingbecause the air can share its heat energy withmore of the ice cream at one time. Imagine howmuch easier it is to for an ice cream flake tomelt than a ball of ice cream. For the ice creamto completely melt, the air has to share its heatenergy with the ice cream on the surface and theice cream on the surface has to share its heatenergy with the ice cream in the interior of theflake or ball. It's much easier to get to thecenter of a flake than a ball, Theflake has a higher surface area to volume ratiothan the ball.

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The time it will take for your ice cream tomelt will depend on many things! For example, itwill depend on the moisture in the air, the sizeof the ice cream container, the material of theice cream container, how windy it is, just to namea few. Instead of give you a time, let me describehow these factors will influence the time it takesto melt.

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If the air has more moisture, it will likelytransfer heat more readily, and your ice creamwill likely melt faster. However, if a layer ofice forms on the outside of the container, thismight slow the melting process.

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If the ice cream container is made of plastic, itwill conduct heat less well than a metalcontainer. For this reason, you would expect icecream inside a plastic container to melt moreslowly.